Meet The Author & Strangely, The Marketer

Meet The High Maintenance Talent …

Author, Blogger, and Master Toad Kisser, Heidi Lee Munson, is a versatile writer with a crossover audience of love seekers as well as kindred authors.

Her forthcoming book, The Art of Toad Kissing, is a quick-witted memoir infused with a spirit of self-growth and self-awareness. She pens her journey in Online Dating – that which she lovingly calls The Toad Kingdom, and she shares candidly with readers she connects to as friends.

Having made a natural transition to becoming an Online Dating Expert, Heidi Lee uses her writing talent to help other Citizens in the Toad Kingdom to find their own Prince Charming.

In her independently published eBook, How to Toad-Proof Your Online Dating Profile, she teaches how to flirt in a profile while dropping in toad-repellent strategies – making the Online Dating scene a friendlier place. She gives profiles extreme makeovers by using a Party Invitation process, teaching Toad Kingdom Citizens to treat their Bio Pictures as creative Party Stationery.

Heidi Lee is also a freelance writer whose articles can be found at as well as at with guest contributions to  Her true love, The Art of Toad Kissing, is her blogging outlet that allows her to connect and live vicariously through her readers and their stories – giving guidance when necessary, offering tips and tricks when appropriate, and tendering support with an always listening ear.

This writer has a unique core strength with a background in business and marketing. Striving to create collaborative, team environments, Heidi Lee is working to launch a team project with her New York Times Bestselling Editor and Six-Time Published Author, Stacey Donovan. The synergy within this team gives birth to a new voice within the project: the voice and life of Toad.

The story of Toad – the beginnings, the yearnings, the dreams of creating his own successful book. It’s an innovative collaboration between Author & Editor and Author & Blogger – and highly accomplished Marketer, comes to life as his tale becomes a platform that eventually gives birth to his very own book. This crossover endeavor is intended to reach other writers who have stories they long to turn into books. Our concept: a book won’t become a book until it grows into something much bigger first: a platform.

Heidi Lee lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her very own Prince Charming, her 16 year old son, Cole, and Thelma & Louise – the cats.

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